Deliver immersive learning experiences

Captivate and Engage Learners

Move beyond slides and a multiple-choice question! Tahoe gives you the tools to build rich learning experiences. And with LTI, you can add additional learning tools.

Scale your Training

The best way to scale up your training efforts is online. Tahoe scales to meet your training needs. And we handle ops and upgrades, so you and your team can focus on building great courses.

Give Hands-on Experiences

Tahoe and Virtual Labs are better together! Give your learners hands-on experience with through software training.

Learn more about Virtual Labs

Leverage education as marketing to get prospective customers interacting with your software.

Course Access Groups

Train multiple audiences with one platform

Tahoe enables you to offer multiple types of training, all from one platform. Train your customers, certify your partners, and skill up your employees on how to use your product. Leverage education as marketing to get prospective customers interacting with your software. Scale up quickly to train learners around the world. Meet each of these needs all within Tahoe, and offer different sets of classes to each group.

Make your training site – yours

Use your branding

Your training site should have your branding, and Tahoe makes that easy. Whether you’re starting small and want to use your colors, fonts, and logo, or rolling out a full platform and need a custom domain and CMS integration, our platform grows with your branding needs.

Create Badges and Certificates

Recognize progress

Encourage and recognize the efforts of your learners with progress indicators and course certificates. You can add your branding to certificates and give your learners a clear and lasting recognition of their knowledge.

Integration with your existing systems

Integrate Tahoe into your business workflows

You have other systems in your training IT ecosystem. Tahoe provides functionality out of the box, but you can also extend and integrate your training platform as your needs grow. Connect with marketing automation, identity providers, CRMs, and eCommerce systems. With our APIs, Business Intelligence Connector, SSO, either your team or our Professional Services team can integrate Tahoe into your other systems and services.

Figures – learner Analytics

Understand your return on learning

You’re investing time and energy into building great learning experiences. Is it having the desired effect? We help you understand your return on learning, from the high level to the granular – overall trends to individual learner progress. And we give you the tools you need: from built-in tools like Figures to APIs and event-streaming to your Segment account via our Business Intelligence connector.

A powerful Open Source platform at the core

Built around the Open edX® platform

Tahoe’s core, and the primary course authoring and learning experience, is built on the open-source Open edX® platform. We are proud members of the Open edX® community.

Learn more

Tahoe is a powerful platform with more features than just those listed here. If you want to see what the platform offers, and where we’re headed, check out our product roadmap page.

Can I import SCORM content into my Tahoe LMS?

Currently SCORM content can be embedded into Tahoe courses by using a service called SCORM Cloud, but we recommend using Studio to create your content instead! Give it a shot before committing to reusing your old legacy content by trying out one of our free trials, and check out our authoring webinars for tips, tricks and ideas!

Can I do hands-on software training in Tahoe?

We don’t like any other kind! To help support getting your learners into using your software directly right in their web browser, Tahoe integrates directly with our other flagship product, Virtual Labs. Skip the setup and jump straight to the important part – Learning. 

How much does a Tahoe subscription cost?

Check out our Tahoe pricing page for more information on our subscription tiers and the features available at each.

Can we host Tahoe ourselves?

No. Tahoe is available as SaaS (Software as a Service) — we take care of the server management, scaling, updates, and upgrades, so your team can focus on building great learning experiences.

I know Tahoe is built on Open edX. How does it differ?

The Open edX platform is an open source learning platform, while Appsembler is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of that platform. We’ve built our Tahoe system using the Open edX tools for course authoring and delivery, and we’re active members of the open source community! Tahoe is a multi-tenant system with an easy-to-use management console that enables you to brand and style your site without having to do any development work. We also provide support and training (on our pro and premium packages) for authors using the platform, so that they know how to author courses, as well as offering a dedicated Customer Success Manager for every customer. 

Want to learn more about Tahoe?

In case it wasn’t clear, we believe in learning by doing. Feel free to read more about our platform and our team here, but the best way for you to learn about Tahoe is to explore it yourself.