Who We Are

The leading platform for experiential learning.

Appsembler is a software company that helps trainers and educators deliver immersive learning experiences to their customers, employees, and users.

We are proud to be a 100% distributed team. Our customers include many of the world’s most forward-thinking organizations including Redis Labs, Akamai, InterSystems, and Starbucks.

“The Appsember team has such deep knowledge of Open edX that if we have a problem they either know the answer or know where the answer resides. A lot of companies have vendors who are partners in ‘marketing speak,’ but Appsembler are true partners in this endeavor.”

Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller Program Manager for The Gymnasium // Aquent
Appsembler Open edX in action

Our Vision

We imagine a world where learning is boundless. Our vision is to build a future where anyone is empowered to share knowledge without barriers. We’re dedicated to making that a reality, and having some fun along the way.

Our Mission

We exist to help trainers and educators unlock their learners’ full potential. Our mission is to empower people with the tools to deliver inspiring learning experiences to anyone, anywhere.