Customer Stories

“With Appsembler, we’ve been able to build a scalable learning machine that makes our customers, employees, and partners more successful.”

– Mark Hoeber | Director, Training & Enablement | Cybereason

Database software

Redis Labs

Solution: Customer training

About: Redis Labs is the open source home and commercial provider of Redis, the world’s fastest in-memory database platform and the world’s “Most Loved Database.” With Appsembler’s Tahoe and Virtual Labs products, Redis launched Redis University, the #1 online destination for Redis users and enthusiasts to learn from peers and the world’s most renowned database experts.

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DevOps / Cloud Automation


Solution: External Training

About: Chef Software (acq. Progress Software) is a leader in the DevOps and Cloud Automation space, providing commercial solutions around the open source Chef software project.

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Cybersecurity software


Solution: Employee training, customer training, partner training

About: Cybereason is the leader in cybersecurity data analytics. In a rapidly evolving market with thousands of end users, employees, and partners across the globe, Cybereason needed an agile training solution that would scale as quickly as they were growing. Cybereason and Appsembler partnered to build a digital training platform.

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Computer Software


Solution: Customer and Partner Training

About: Itential provides powerful network automation software to companies worldwide. In order to keep pace with growth, Itential partnered with Appsembler to bring their entire training program online and into the hands of their learners with immersive, flexible, and scalable lab environments.

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IT infrastructure

Microfacturing Institutes

Solution: User training

About: Microfacturing Institutes is on a mission to provide learners of all ages with industry-driven, interesting, and highly marketable skills relevant to the rapidly growing fields using Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence applications. Microfacturing Institutes believes IoT technology is fundamental to nearly all industries, and represents one of the most valuable skill sets in the modern economy.

Big data


Solution: Customer training, partner training

About: InterSystems is industry-leading vendor for database management, rapid application development and integration, and healthcare information systems. InterSystems partnered with Appsembler to scale their training program and provide their learners with hands-on Virtual Labs.

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Continuing education

University of Washington

Solution: Data science training

About: The UW Professional & Continuing Education is a global leader in lifelong learning and skills training. The university partnered with Appsembler to provide online, self-paced courses to their learners.

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Solution: External Training

About: Aquent provides specialized staffing services by matching marketing and creative professionals with the companies that need them most. Aquent and Appsembler partnered to launch The Gymnasium online learning platform to train thousands of professionals and prospective job candidates.

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