Deliver immersive, hands-on training experiences

Alvin Richards, Chief Product Officer, uses Appsembler's Tahoe platform.
Customer since 2018 Alvin Richards, Chief Product Officer Redis Labs

Companies worldwide base their training on Appsembler’s platform. Read some of their stories.

Supercharge your marketing

Engage potential customers by teaching them about your product.

Educating people about your product is the most effective way for your marketing department to get highly-engaged, high-value leads. Our customers are using Appsembler’s Tahoe Platform + Virtual Labs to give prospective customers a hands-on experience with their software.

How Chef Software used Appsembler to turn prospects into advocates


Train your customers anywhere

Reduce your onboarding costs by using online, self-paced courses, paired with tailored Virtual Labs.

Engage and educate users of your software through hands-on learning experiences, with Appsembler’s Tahoe Platform + Virtual Labs. Learning by doing, actually using new features, helps to increase product adoption. Guide your new customers through that learning with a course and ensure that they are maximizing their use of your software.

Discover how Intersystems improved their product development and training with Appsembler Virtual Labs

Get your employees and partners up to speed quickly

Ensure that those who represent your product know it best.

Your employees are building your product every day, so you need them up to speed quickly and fully conversant in what your product can do. The same is true of your partners, who represent and implement your product in the market. Recognize their expertise with badges and certificates, and help them up-level their skills through advanced courses.

The Tahoe Platform with Virtual Labs gives you the tools to deliver immersive, hands-on learning experiences.

Train your learners by giving them an actual environment

Train your learners by giving them an actual environment

With Virtual Labs, you can give each learner a dedicated and clean environment to try your software.

Download The Complete Guide to Virtual Labs

Integrate Tahoe with your other business systems

Integrate Tahoe with your other business systems

Use APIs, SSO, LTI, and our Business Intelligence Connector to integrate Tahoe with your workflows and enterprise systems.

Deliver courses using our Open edX-based LMS

Deliver courses using our Open edX-based LMS

Create dynamic, engaging courses, built on Open edX. We are proud members of the Open edX open source community.

Understand what your learners are doing

Understand what your learners are doing

See how your learners are progressing and understand your return on learning using Figures, or dig more deeply using our events-driven Business Intelligence Connector. Learn more about Figures

We make it our mission for you to succeed

The Tahoe Platform is supported by our customer-driven team!

Customer Success Managers

Our Customer Success Managers are your key point of contact, making sure that you’re getting the most out of Tahoe and Virtual Labs to achieve your training goals.

Customer Support

Everyone on the Appsembler team does a support shift, so you’re getting timely responses from experienced folks, and our team are getting first-hand feedback from you.

Professional Services

If you don’t have the in-house experience or time to build out an integration or extension to Tahoe, engage the expertise of our Professional Services team.

DevOps is at our core

We keep systems running smoothly so you can focus on building out great training experiences. Our top-notch ops team is constantly improving.

Want to learn more about Tahoe?

In case it wasn’t clear, we believe in learning by doing. Feel free to read more about our platform and our team here, but the best way for you to learn about Tahoe is to explore it yourself.