An Educator-focused Solution

Appsembler Virtual Labs (AVL) is a powerful solution because it allows non-technical users to create and distribute single instances of your software to students. Users can modify software to a given state, then “snapshot” that software, finally delivering it to students who can start from that snapshotted point.

  • Unlimited number of versions

    You can create any number of “states” of your software, allowing you to start a user at a different place each time. If you’re creating an “beginner” and an “advanced” course, each student will seamlessly start at the point of entry you’ve determined. Students can even have multiple labs for a single course.

  • Statistics

    You can access lab statistics which show you the most popular containers, how long they are running, etc. You can also view the logs for running labs, enabling quick triage between non-technical and technical users.

  • Container duration

    You control how long a lab will run, and how many labs your students can create. You’ll get notifications when you’re close to the limits that you’ve set.

  • Local Development

    If you have a technical team, they can make low-level changes to your software, and you can download it to your virtual labs servers—all without the help of the Appsembler team.

A Student-focused Solution

  • Browser-based

    Students can launch your software from their browser.

  • Individualized

    Each student has their own lab at a unique URL which they can later revisit from within the course.

  • Deep Integration

    Students simply click a button and receive a URL to their lab—no additional sign-up required.


  • Token based authentication

    AVL uses token-based API authentication, ensuring that only your users can start labs—you can revoke access at any point.

  • Kill switch

    You can disable a running lab, or an entire project within the AVL dashboard.

  • Contained environments

    Our security team works hard so that each student’s activity is limited to their own lab environment.

  • Disposable

    Each lab is disposable on-demand. If anything goes bad, you can destroy a lab and the student can start a new one.

Ready for Programming Courses

  • Integrated IDE

    AVL is integrated with an in-browser editor, so if you’re teaching a course on programming, your students do not need to set up their own programming environment. They make changes to the code in the browser, and can view their changes live.

  • SSH

    AVL allows students to SSH into a lab and make changes from the command line.