Product Roadmap

About our roadmaps

We believe that roadmaps are a key part of an ongoing conversation with our customers about what we’re building for them. Roadmaps are not set in stone, and they’re not a project plan. They show the direction in which we’re headed. We also believe in transparency, which is why we’ve posted these publicly.

Though we are building a cohesive experiential learning platform, you see multiple roadmaps below. We broke them out to show the direction of each major platform component without overwhelming the reader.

We keep our roadmaps tight, so we can focus. This means that there are many ideas and features that we’re considering, but haven’t prioritized yet. However, we never assume that we know everything about your processes, needs and wants – if you have an idea or feedback, scroll down the page and send it in!

If you’re an Appsembler customer and you don’t see something you’re expecting to be added to the platform, reach out to your Customer Success Manager today.

What the swimlanes mean

Current: We’re actively working on these features today. We may ship them incrementally in order to get early feedback.

Next Up: We’re planning out these features. We’re building out user stories and determining their scope, getting them ready for development.

Future: Subject to change! We’re giving you glimpse into where we’re headed in the future. These are not committed, and certainly not in this order. For this swimlane we would love to hear your feedback and ideas!

Tahoe Platform

Virtual Labs
Figures - Site Analytics Tool

Do you have ideas you'd like us to implement?

While, as you can see above, we already have great plans for improving our product lineup, we are also always open to your great ideas! If you think you have an idea that would be valuable to you and other Appsembler customers, click below and enter your idea, or vote on ideas submitted by others!