Deliver online learning - anytime, anywhere.

Increase engagement by providing your learners with mobile access to course content with your own, branded mobile app.


Stream course videos via wi-fi or cellular connection

The course videos can be streamed via wi-fi or cellular on the mobile phone or tablet, and you can also enable closed captions if you don’t want to have the audio turned on. You can also rotate the phone to play the videos in full-screen.


Download course videos to watch anytime offline

Your students don’t have to use their limited mobile data quota. They can download the videos when they’re on wi-fi and watch even when they don’t have an Internet connection.


Test your knowledge with quizzes and exams

Complete practice questions, quizzes and exams right from the mobile device. If you start taking the course on your computer, when you access the same course from your phone, it will remember where you left off, so you can just continue with your studies.


Get important announcements in real-time

Instructors can post announcements to the course and learners will receive these instantly on their mobile phone. Learners can also download course handouts right from within the app.


Participate in course discussions

Learners can join in conversations about the coursework, and meet other students who are taking the same course, or converse with their co-workers and peers.