Sign up for Open edX Test Drive!

Here’s what you get:

  • 14 days to try Open edX and see if it’s right for your organization
  • Login for LMS and Studio with all core Open edX functionality enabled
  • One course in which you can add your own content including videos, interactive exercises and quizzes
  • Up to 10 users can enroll in the course for testing and evaluation purposes, including co-authors and instructors
  • ~15 XBlocks pre-installed and ready to be activated for your course
  • Access to a read-only “Mega course” with all the Open edX features enabled including examples of all the XBlocks
  • Modern responsive theme that looks great on mobile devices
  • Tips via email on how to get the most out of your Open edX course

What if I have questions during the trial?

We have embedded a chat feature in the Open edX site that gives you direct access to our specialists. If you have questions during your journey, don’t hesitate to ask us! (Note: the best time to reach us is 8am - 8pm ET time but we’ll also get an email if you ask a question and can follow-up that way.)

What happens when my trial expires?

When your trial expires, you’ll be given an opportunity to buy a subscription for our cloud-based Open edX service. We have different subscription plans depending on the features you need and the number of students you expect to have enrolling in your courses.

If you purchase a subscription, the course content that you made during the trial will be preserved and you can continue using it.

Note: no student data is preserved, so please do not run actual courses during the trial period, as we won’t be able to retain that data after the trial ends.

Can I get an extended trial after the 14 days?

If you didn’t have enough time to evaluate Open edX, you can request to have your trial extended. All we ask is to talk with you by phone or Skype, to better understand what you hope to learn with more time on the trial.

Can you install this special XBlock so I can try it out?

We are always adding new XBlocks to the test-drive for evaluation purposes. Let us know what you’d like to see and we’ll consider adding it.

Why are you offering this trial?

We offer this test-drive service for people to explore what it’s like to author courses using Open edX, and just to gain a deeper understanding of how the Open edX platform works.

We hope that if you like Open edX and decide to use it for your organization, that you’ll consider Appsembler as your partner and continue with us after the trial.

Have any questions regarding Open edX or Appsembler services? We’re here to answer them!
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