Appsembler Virtual Labs

Create a curated lab environment with the software the students need to learn.

The Appsembler Virtual Labs service lets you build the environment with all of the software that the students need -- for example, a Cloud9 development environment coupled with a web application server. Once created, Appsembler Virtual Labs lets you “snapshot” the environment so each student gets a clean, uniform copy.

Provide each student with a dedicated software environment

Each student is given their own virtual lab environment--based on the master “snapshot” but isolated from other students--where they can conduct exercises and complete hands-on assignments. Each environment can be kept active for however many days or weeks you want each student to have access to it, meaning their work is saved even if they take a break or close their browser.

Allow your students to launch the virtual lab directly from an Open edX course

By embedding a widget provided by the Appsembler Virtual Labs, your course authors can give students the ability to launch the virtual lab environment directly from sections within their Open edX course.

Focus on creating top-tier learning experiences, not worry about hosting

Once you have created the software environment for your training, the Appsembler Virtual Labs service handles the hosting, versioning, and backups. This way, you can focus your energies on using the rich suite of course creation tools that Open edX provides, so your students get a great learning experience. Your staff will still have access to the student environments, enabling them to audit them to ensure that the students have completed the work correctly.

Meet the needs of a growing training program by automatically scaling up to meet student demand

Especially for on-demand software training, you may not know how many students at one time will need access to the lab environment. Appsembler Virtual Labs scales up automatically to meet the demand, automatically provisioning the servers needed. Our platform also scales up as you create additional courses with new lab environments, and provides your staff with a dashboard to manage them.

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