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Appsembler has worked with both corporations and institutions of higher education to help them successfully implement their online learning initiatives with the Open edX™ platform.

What distinguishes Appsembler are (1) our very deep edX experience — including working directly with the edX team, (2) an exclusive focus on edX and (3) we provide the full range of services that you’ll need including customization, implementation, hosting and support.

With our team of highly skilled engineers, we can help you customize the platform to meet your needs, and with our dedicated operations team we will ensure that your site is reliable, scalable, secure and there when you need it.

How we’ve helped our customers

  • Provide managed hosting of highly customized Open edX™ sites on Google Cloud and Azure.
  • Create roles-based learning paths so students experience different sequences of courses based on their role
  • Created a virtual software labs service to provide learners with a sandbox environment of our customer’s software for training purposes, eliminating the need to manage separate accounts for each student
  • Enabled SCORM packages to be embedded in Open edX™ courses
  • Develop attractive custom themes based the organization’s branding.
  • Coming soon: Improved microsites feature to quickly and easily create branded subsites through-the-web

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