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Open edX™ for higher education (colleges and universities)

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In the interest of lowering costs and increasing access to high quality education, educational insitutions are increasingly offering free online courses.

These are known as MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses, and popular courses can typically attract 50,000 or more students.

Some colleges and universities are experimenting with a hybrid approach in which students still meet in a classroom, but complement their learning with online instruction. These are known as SPOCs or Small Private Online Courses and will typically have much fewer enrolled students than MOOCs.

Open edX™ can be used to offer either MOOCs or SPOCs.

Open edX™ for continuing education and professional development

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Open edX™ offers a compelling platform for offering online courses for adult learners who are seeking professional development.

Adult learners can learn at their own pace, and get support from other learners in online forums that Open edX™ provides for each course.

Open edX™'s peer grading feature allows students to grade each others' work and learn from each other.

Open edX™ for corporate training and certifications

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Open edX™ is an excellent platform for companies to deliver online courses to their employees, customers, partners or potential hires.

By offering courses online, companies can lower costs and provide better assessment of whether employees are actually learning the material.

Online courses can also provide an additional revenue stream.

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